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A launcher for the MMORPG game was designed and written. This launcher not only pulls the latest updates in the game easily for players, but also functions as an antihack.


Ivan Vetrov




Moscow, Russia


1 Nov, 2023


100% Satisfied


02 Months

Working Process

Challenge of this Case

Our game launcher's primary function was to first fetch the latest server-side updates, bringing the game to its most current state and making it playable. This process was regularly conducted to ensure that players always had access to the newest features and fixes. Additionally, another critical task of our game launcher was to act as an anti-cheat system. This involved detecting and preventing cheat programs to maintain a fair gaming environment among players. The launcher monitored potential cheat software running in the background and intervened to prevent such programs from affecting the game. By doing so, it prevented players from gaining unfair advantages, thus preserving the integrity of the game experience and fostering a fair competitive environment.

  • Desktop Development
  • Golang
  • Launcher
  • Updater
  • Anti Hack/Cheat
Final Result

Excellence in Our Service Final Results

These two core functions worked together to enhance the reliability of our game launcher and ensure user satisfaction. In an increasingly technology-driven and security-conscious gaming world, such a game launcher plays a crucial role in providing users with an enjoyable and secure gaming experience.


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